Got keywords?

Many (most?) of the major search engines ignore the list of keywords/phrases in the metatag at the top of the site's HTML code. Instead, they focus on keywords that are strategically placed within the content and the stylistic elements for the site.

In the world of business, building it (or writing, designing, or launching it), doesn't mean they'll come. Attracting buyers requires a coordinated marketing effort, both online and offline. This is not a one-time activity, but an ongoing process.

At 3View Design, we offer a wide range of marketing and promotion services, including:

Marketing Analysis and Strategy
Before any marketing efforts are launched, it's crucial to understand your competition and know where you stand in the online market. The results of our marketing analysis help us create a comprehensive strategy that will serve as the foundation for your online promotion activities.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The days of search engines ranking sites according to a collection of keywords in a metatag are long gone. Today, the search engines rely on complex, ever-changing algorithms to determine which sites rise to the top of searches. The best optimization strategy involves a carefully orchestrated interplay of keyword selection, key-phrase driven content, and page structure.

Article marketing
Search engines and site visitors value fresh, relevant content. Informative articles satisfy both. You can provide the completed articles, give us a rough draft to be developed, or ask us to come up with original content. Then we'll help you determine the most effective use of that information: publication in an online content site, incorporation in a blog or ezine, or posting on your own website.

Ezine creation and publishing
Ezines (Electronic/Email magazines) are a popular and effective way to reach customers and potential customers. We can create eye-catching HTML ezines or no-nonsense text-only messages from start to finish, including the effect each issue has of the traffic flow to your site.

Blog design and implementation
Blogs can be thought of as the marriage of an ezine and a website. The search engines currently value blogs very highly, in part because they tend to be both current and content rich. Because blogs are typically more casual than a website and published more frequently than an ezine, they give you a greater opportunity to touch base with the part of the market you want to reach. We can design your blog to coordinate with your website, promote the blog, and even provide content.

Press releases
Press releases in print publications have long been a staple in the marketer's arsenal. Web-based press releases are equally important for online promotion. But a press release needs to be properly written and be submitted to the most appropriate distribution site. We're familiar with the best press release centers and have the expertise to write press releases that get results.

Print and digital ad design
It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that's true, ads are very valuable, indeed, and it would be a mistake to neglect display ads when planning your marketing efforts...both online and offline. We can determine the most cost-effective paid adveritising, arrange for ad placement, and design an ad that will attract business to you.

Website traffic analysis
Your website is not a static piece of internet real estate. It's a dynamic, growing extension of your business. To bring you the success you expect, your site needs to be monitored at least monthy. We can monitor traffic logs, provide reports, and suggest/implement changes that will keep your site competitive through changes in search engine algorithms, additional competitors in your market, and fluctuations in the makeup of site visitors.